Choose either Alkaline or Pure water to be delivered to your home or work. Clearwater Revival have a range of coolers and dispensers to suit your needs. Got an event or temporary site? We offer large disposable or returnable bottles with our coolers. Whatever your needs, with no lock-in contracts and free delivery, you can purchase or rent today! Our water tastes good and is good for you. Call or email to find the right hydration solution for you.

Purified alkaline water refill services


No delivery fees or lock-in contracts. We simply deliver what you need every fortnight

Purified alkaline water refill services


Our BPA free bottles are picked up, sanitised, and refilled

Purified alkaline water refill services


Based on a reverse osmosis system that guarantees pure crisp water

Purified alkaline water refill services


Infused minerals to help you detox, hydrate, energise & balance pH

About Us

Clearwater Revival is a local family owned business, providing crisp, pure and healthy H2O to the Port Stephens community since 1995.

Our processes have evolved with the latest technologies and purification methods to continue to provide a premium product that is as good for you as it tastes.

Our Water

Over the years, we have tried and refined different techniques to achieve the best water available. Today it is made with absolutely no chemicals, using biological filtration techniques to make that happen.

Our filtration technique today is so advanced we are able to achieve the same quench thirsting result with ground water, spring water, dam water, tap water and rain water. Our H20 has been purified using active carbon absorption filters, wide 0.01 micron filters, super high-pressure reverse osmosis membranes, post carbon coconut shell filtration, ultraviolet steriliser and pressurised ozone to load as much oxygen in each and every drop as we can.

The end product is safe to enjoy without having to worry about fluorides, PFAS, bacteria, metals, lead, copper, chromium and the horrible taste of chlorine or plastic.

Delivery Areas

Once a fortnight our friendly delivery guy delivers to the areas shown below.

Purified alkaline water refill services
Purified alkaline water refill services
Purified alkaline water refill services
Purified alkaline water refill services